Quick summary about Homo naledi

Nutcracker Man

A major announcement happened today: the publication of Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo found in the Dinaledi Chamber, in the Rising Star cave, South Africa.

‘Naledi’ is an African name that originates from the Sesotho tribe in southern Africa. It means ‘star’.

Homo naledi. Photo: Lee R. Berger Homo naledi. Photo: Lee R. Berger

About the hominid

  • 1,550 fossils from at least 15 individuals. Full range of ages, from birth to old age.
  • They are the most complete assemblage of fossils from a candidate of human ancestor. All part of the bodies are represented in the assemblage. The comprehensive sample of Homo naledi bones is richer than in any other early humans species such as Homo rudolfensis, Homo habilis and Homo erectus.
  • Average height 1.5 m, weight 45 kg.
  • Skull: Primitive, similar to Homo habilis. Between 466 and 560 cc, in comparison to H. habilis 510 to 700 cc, H. erectus 550 to 1100 cc…

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