Y’allQueda, YeeHawd, and Climate Change

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

The jokes are coming fast and furious as social media tears up the pathetic, but heavily armed, yahoos occupying federal buildings in Oregon – but they are part of a multi-decade effort by powerful right wing forces to destroy the system of public lands and parks meant to preserve America’s, and the world’s, natural heritage, and deliver them to billionaire developers, coal barons, and oil cartels.

Since the 70s, it has taken the form of phony “grassroots” campaigns known as the “Wise Use” movement, a reaction to the first generation of environmental legislation. In the Reagan era, it became the “sage brush rebellion”, fanned by reactionaries like Interior Secretary James Watt (who famously banned the “unwholesome” Beach Boys from the National Mall, and found the Grand Canyon to be a crashing bore..)

In the current era, those most vulnerable to recruitment to…

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